Contact free ordering and delivery can be placed using one of three methods

1. Website:

2. Email:

3. Phone: 301-486-0300


MINIMUM FOR ORDER: Minimum order is $95.00 or 3 meals for Family Meal selections.


PAYMENT: On our secured website platform using one of the following payment options: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


 LOYALTY PRAGRAM: Our Loyalty Program allows our customers to earn InStyle Dollars up to 5% (before taxes and delivery) whenever an order is placed, or 3% when a friend is referred. InStyle Caterers will keep track of all your orders and the orders of the referred customers. Once you have earned $500.00 in InStyle Dollars, you may use your InStyle Dollars towards next order.

MENU SELECTIONS: Our menu selections rotate, however, some of our more popular selections might remain on menu. 


SHELF LIFE: Our meal selections have a 4-5-day shelf life in the refrigerator.


DEADLINES: We require three business days notice for all orders.

DELIVERY: Order on Monday by noon for Thursday delivery, order on Tuesday by noon for Friday delivery, order on Wednesday by noon for Saturday delivery.


CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITY: It is the customer's responsibility to refrigerate food within ten minutes of delivery. InStyle Caterers cannot accept responsibility for damages due to customers’ failure to adhere to instructions.

How to Order